Gun wasn't part of St. James High School threat, police say


Police said in a tweet that none of the students mentioned in the post attend the high school and believe it to be a hoax. They determined that there was no plan to commit a violent act.

An investigation is underway with added police presence at the school.

Police are working with the Wagoner County DA to put together an assembly that will help educate students on the seriousness of these kinds of threats.

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There is no tolerance for weapons on our school campuses and the student will face serious administrative consequences through the school district.

"I was made aware of a threat to West High through social media at approximately 10:20 PM this evening. The Chesterfield Police's investigation is ongoing, and the department will provide additional presence tomorrow morning in the interest of student safety, as our safety is of the upmost importance". "Every DA, every police department in this area right now is taking this very seriously", said Coweta Police Chief Mike Bell. The student is now not in school and faces disciplinary action consistent with Board of Education policy. Individually, we count on our students not to bring contraband to school, and we seek parents to hold conversations with their students to ensure they do not bring contraband on district premises.

Again, thanks to the numerous students and families who contacted me last night. "We share the concern about the level of violence being used by young people today, and would like reassure our school community that the safety of our students is our number one priority".