Changes for YouTube Live Announced, IFTTT Implementation and Live Chat Now Replayable


The main goal behind this move is to make streams accessible for more people. Moreover, YouTube also said that it will make use of its live automatic speech recognition (LASR) technology to generate live automatic captions when "professionally provided" captions are unavailable.

With the newly launched chat replay, live chats that happened during a broadcast will show up alongside replays of the video exactly as they appeared.

YouTube has announced a raft of new features that should help improve livestreaming for creators as well as viewers. Since 2009, a billion videos have been auto-captioned and the service is now enabling them on live streams.

A year after its launch, YouTube TV is adding more channels, and extending its service to 20 more U.S. markets. The feature will use Google's LASR technology to provide captions that have latency and error rates that may not be flawless, but almost as good as industry standards.

The Live streaming feature on YouTube has been around since quite a few years now. Chat reply alongside the video will allow viewers to follow a conversation even after a stream is over. As the name suggests, users can now add location tag to live streams and video uploads from their mobile. Using all that was learned, the platform is now bringing a quick and cheap way to add automatic captions to live streams.

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Kurt Wilms, YouTube's live video product lead, said the Google-owned site is offering new tools to improve on the experience for creators and users.

With all these features, YouTube wants to increase the interaction between the creators and the community.

Next feature that will be airing on YouTube is Super Chat feature allows users to see their chats emphasized in a chat stream.

Super Chat is already available on desktop and Android devices, with support for iOS devices rolling out starting today.