Apple will open medical clinics for its employees this spring


It seems that the project is already well under way, as CNBC reports that AC Wellness has already recruited a number of former Stanford Health Care employees.

In addition to providing doctors, nurses and other medical staff, the company is looking to focus equally on prevention, via diet and exercise programs for its employees.

Apple is following Amazon's lead and opening its own primary health care clinics for employees.

KitGuru Says: Considering the company had only dabbled in its healthcare venture in the past, incorporating features such as a heart rate monitor and activity tracker within its Apple Watch, this is a huge leap.

Employees will experience new healthcare benefit, those working at Apple.

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A website for the clinics, called AC Wellness, was recently published without fanfare, as reported by CNBC.

Jobs advertised include a "Behavioural Health" partner, meant to help "patients improve health and wellness through sustainable behaviour change"; a phlebotomist, tasked with doing blood draws from patients to help diagnose illness; and a clinical exercise coach. The three companies are trying to reduce health care costs while also improving services for employees. AC Wellness Network will be independent from Apple, with providers seeing patients at Apple Wellness Centers, including the new Apple Park Wellness Center at the headquarters. Because of this, the company is also looking for "designers" who can help put together programs to help promoted healthy living.

Apple's move follows that of Amazon, which in January formed a joint healthcare venture with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase aiming to cut costs, boost transparency, and provide a better overall experience for their USA employees, as reported by our sister site ZDNet.

The new primary care clinics will launch this Spring at locations in Santa Clara County.