Why Joss Whedon Just Dropped Out of Directing 'Batgirl'


Filmmaker Joss Whedon has departed the planned "Batgirl" blockbuster because he just "didn't have a story".

The report comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter, who obtained a quote from Whedon on the matter.

In a surprisingly candid statement issued to The Hollywood Reporter, Whedon explained his decision to bail on "Batgirl", chalking it up to essentially a nasty case of writer's block.

It's unclear what the status of Batgirl is now that Whedon is no longer involved. DC Entertainments' highly anticipated Batgirl movie as well as Flashpoint, would likely enter active development once director Patty Jenkins' begins shooting Wonder Woman 2 later this year.

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More at the end of the link above. -DC movie about the Gotham-based superheroine, has announced his departure from the feature film project. Instead, Justice League was a commercial and critical flop, with other films quickly passing its total gross within a matter of days. That said, Whedon is simply writing what he knows and that does not make him any less brilliant a filmmaker. Whedon is good, but he is too fond of tried and tested formulae.

"Batgirl" is losing its director. Sometimes the Caped Crusader simply needs more than just his fists to win a fight, and when that happens he relies on a insane assortment of Bat-themed weapons. They are out there. While it's possible that they will replace him with a better-suited director (hopefully a woman), it nearly seems likelier that the entire project will fizzle out in developmental Hell.

"Batgirl" would tell the story of Barbara Gordon, the daughter of police commissioner James Gordon, who moonlights as one of Batman's sidekicks, Batgirl. Like Batman, she is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and is also an expert hacker. Since his appointment back in March, Whedon's sexist Wonder Woman screenplay leaked, leading many to worry what he would do to Batgirl.