Google Launches Routines for Assistant


As teased yesterday by Hiroshi Lockheimer's MWC 2018 post, Google is heading into the mobile trade show with a number of Assistant announcements.

Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish and Thai support for both Android handsets and iPhones will be added "in the next few months", with "more languages on more devices" set to follow suit "throughout the year". Google Assistant, a voice-powered personal assistant found on iOS and Android, now responds to eight languages. Through Google's Assistant Carrier program, the search giant says that wireless providers will be able to work with the digital assistant to let subscribers access customer support, add new services and get information about their monthly plan.

As for multilingual support, the languages are English, French and German to begin with. "Multilingual" capabilities are coming in English, French and German first, allowing you to switch between the three at any time without fear of running into a language barrier with your Google Assistant. As for covering so many languages, it will be easier for any user to speak in their native at home, and any other language at work or while with friends, and so on. What are they? Routines allow you to "get multiple things done with just a single command".

In addition to these features, Google also announced some major language upgrades for the Assistant today. Importantly it's cross-device capable: you can tell your Google Home to remind you to call the insurance company when you get to work, and the Assistant on your phone will flag that up when you get to the office. This is an expansion of what Google has been helping OEMs with over the a year ago in creating device-specific commands with the Assistant. Keep following our space for the next update about Google Assistant as it surfaces.

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Google has partnered with Android phone makers LG, Sony, and Xiaomi initially, and it will start by making specific camera-related commands for these manufacturers.

Phone carriers will also be able to develop their own custom integrations with Google Assistant.

Plus, Google Assistant is learning a bunch of new languages. And by on the road, we mean that Google has plans to make Assistant available to consumers all around the world.

Of course, the Google Home smart speaker stays in one location itself - but it can be used to create the location-based reminders you want to be alerted about later on your phone.