TIMELINE: Ohio River likely to stay above flood stage for days


Catastrophic flooding resulted from a river level of 52 feet, some 40 feet over today's normal pool. Portions of US 52 and OH 221 in Brown County flood, as well as secondary roads along Eagle Creek and Straight Creek, the NWS posted.

The National Weather Service says the river crested Tuesday evening at 55.3 feet (16.9 meters) in the Cincinnati region, 3 feet above flood stage.

According to Casey, if that boundary sets up in the mid to upper Ohio River Basin, significant precipitation could be on its way. At 10 a.m. Monday the stage was 11.7 feet and rising; flood stage is 11 feet.

Below the dam the previous crest forecast was 59 feet.

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"As far as any flood forecasting down the road, it is definitely something we need to keep an eye on". The City of Maysville itself is protected by flood walls to stages just above 79 feet.

The St. Joseph River below Montpelier, Ohio, until further notice. It's expected to reach 44.5 feet on March 1.

That means its projection - which, as of Wednesday morning, shows the river receding below flood stage by Saturday - does not take into account the rain we expect Friday and Saturday, and that means it will likely take longer for the river to recede.

The river at Paducah was at 38.9 feet Monday. "After that we will level out towards the middle and end of the week right around the 36-37 foot stage with that 40 foot stage being flooded". At 23 feet, the river approaches a major flood. It should crest on February 27 at 50 feet. Flood stage is 39 feet. Backwater flooding also begins in Brown County, especially along Eagle and Straight Creeks.