McDonald's To Release More Szechuan Sauce Into The Multiverse


The fast food chain announced that it will distribute 20 million packets of the popular condiment.

McDonald's announced the return of the sauce for one day, October 7.

If you were one of the unlucky number to miss out on McDonald's Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce before, then your luck has made a turn for the better.

Last year, McDonald's announced a "one-time only, limited-edition" run of the sauce, which was first released in 1998 as a promotional tie-in with the release of Disney's animated movie "Mulan".

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In the show, time-traveling scientist Rick Sanchez admitted that his sole motivation in life is "finding that McNugget sauce" - and that the cult show would continue as long as it takes until he finds the sauce. And, on Monday, "Rick and Morty" fans and haters alike will finally be able to find out if Szechuan McNuggets dipping sauce lives up to the hype. Hear @deadmau5's story, our mistakes and more in our new podcast series w/ @StudioAtGizmodo/@OnionLabs: The Sauce.

In the video below, McDonald's shares just how much their Szechuan sauce has become a big deal starting past year, and how many fast food fans out there can listen to an audio clip of just how important the condiment has become as the fast food chain claims. The diehard fans, some of whom had shown up at the locations as early as 4 a.m., were furious at McDonald's. The next day, McDonald's had to offer fans an apology online. The small amount of Szechuan sauce was not enough to quell the public's rabid hunger.

On a website made by McDonald's devoted to the sauce, the firm apologized over the fiasco and said it wanted to "fully make amends".

On Thursday, McDonalds launched a true crime-style podcast, called "The Sauce", which discusses the Szechuan shortage fiasco in October.