Bond set for Tucson couple in shocking child-abuse case


The children were not fed and had no access to a bathroom, PCSD said.

On Tuesday, the Tucson authorities arrested 64-year-old Carol Gutierrez and 69-year-old Benito Gutierrez.

- A Tucson couple was arrested Tuesday after authorities discovered their four adopted children living in horrific conditions, with no access to food or water for hours on end, police said.

All three children were kept in separate bedrooms, barred from the outside and locked on the inside. Police say that the couple were arrested on February 20, a few days after one of the children escaped the home-prison through a bedroom window.

The couple was arrested after one of the children jumped out of a bedroom window and escaped from the house located in the 4100 block of North Flowing Wells Road, Arizona, on February 17. The clerk, noting the age and bad condition of the child, called authorities.

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It's unclear how long the children had been in the care of the couple and if they were related to each other.

The kids were regularly denied food, water, lights, and the bathroom for up to 12 hours at a time.

According to a news release from PCSD, deputies found four children in the home.

The authorities went to the home and immediately removed the children. The children were between 6 and 12 years old. "Because they didn't hold a conversation well, I was always concerned that they weren't going to be socially developed". Her mother allegedly kept the girl and her two siblings locked in an empty bedroom that had an alarm to alert her if they tried to escape. The four children were between ages six to twelve.