Santa Catalina students watch alumna Brita Sigourney win Olympic bronze


Now he's back for another run at gold in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Alex Ferreira: The only first-time Olympian on the team.

The 25-year-old Sharpe said she had only met Burke once but still felt the presence and influence of her fellow Canadian.

Cassie Sharpe celebrates her gold medal in the ladies ski halfpipe final at the Phoenix Snow Park. She crashed hard on her final run but was able to ski to the finish area on her own.

Sharpe's first run scored a 93.00 and would have also earned her top marks of the 12 competitors that advanced to the final. Sharpe figured it would be good enough to win, and it was. Bowman's first X Games gold came in 2013, followed by a bronze at X Games Tignes and victories at both stops of the Visa U.S. Freeskiing Grand Prix. "At the end of the day having Anna's support and her telling me she loves me and is proud of me takes everything away".

Sharpe's win was seemingly never in doubt. She already retired once (from 2006-2011) before coming back when ski halfpipe was added to the Olympic program.

"We got to bring her here for an assembly", Elliott said. It wasn't that long that she and Sigourney were the only women capable of spinning 1080s and now more than six of pipe skiing's top women have the trick. "I want to drop last in the final", she said.

She fell on that final run. Her medical charts tell the story: Sigourney has broken her collarbone, torn an anterior cruciate ligament, busted her pelvis, broke her knee cap and torn a ligament in her thumb.

Brita Sigourney, United States: This will be Sigourney's second Olympic appearance. "That was kind of the moment where I was like 'I can't believe I'm here".

Cassie Sharpe of Canada celebrates her gold medal in the women’s halfpipe skiing final at the Phoenix Snow Park at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang South Korea Tuesday Feb. 20 2018
Santa Catalina students watch alumna Brita Sigourney win Olympic bronze

"That was incredible", said Sharpe. "But not winning that victory run is miniscule compared to my second run".

Sigourney won bronze with her third-run score of 91.60.

"It took me a couple of minutes, we were in the changing room and I said that I wasn't sure what just happened". Sharpe earned a 94.40 and set the standard for the rest of the field, but felt some pressure from France's Marie Martinod, whose 92.20 put her just a few points off the lead.

"You know", Martinod said, "it's called champagne".

"Cassie has come up during my career as well", the American said.

Sharpe looked over at Sigourney, "Thank you", she said. Before it began, Martinod, a veteran in this sport whose hair was blue in areas, started to sing into the mic, like so: "Wicki-wicki-pow-pow-wicki-wicki..."

At one point during interviews, she turned to Martinod, who plans to retire, and asked, "What's next?"

When it was over, they took a photo of their nails, which were all painted different colours.

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