Look! SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Can Go Mining On Asteroids


Payload and vehicle remain healthy.

As for the payload, the mission's main goal is to launch Paz, a satellite that'll capture Earth images for a bunch of countries, including, as mentioned, Spain.

As Space.com reports, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk apparently expects to come up with solutions to fairing recovery in the next six months, which would streamline the refurbishment and reuse process.

Paz won't be riding alone on the recycled Falcon 9.

Make sure to check out SpaceX website to watch a livestream of the Falcon 9 launch on February 21. The company has been experimenting with parachutes on its fairings and built a giant ship equipped with metal arms to catch these fairings when they splash into the ocean.

SpaceX often tries to reuse key rocket parts as a means of cutting costs.

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SpaceX is doing final checks of the Falcon 9's upgraded clamshell-like nose cone that is fitted at the top to protect the payload during flight.

On Wednesday, the Falcon 9's payload fairing will be the PAZ satellite. Musk said that they are getting closer to recovering the payload fairings and have been experimenting with parachutes on its fairings.

It was the kind of success that has some people wondering how SpaceX and founder Elon Musk can have so much success, while NASA seems to be slow in developing its own big rocket, the Space Launch System.

The space company has also re-used first-stage and second-stage rocket boosters, in addition to a previously flown Dragon spacecraft.

SpaceX had planned to launch two demonstration satellites into space Saturday from Vandenberg, but then it rescheduled for Sunday.

As SpaceX prepares to launch another Falcon 9 rocket on Wednesday, the firm also won an endorsement last week from the top USA communications regulator to build a broadband network using satellites.