Launch trailer released for Metal Gear Survive


Metal Gear Survive has caused quite the ruckus when it was announced, and Konami's recent vision of Metal Gear without Hideo Kojima has finally launched for gamers to play.

Looking past all problems that came along with Metal Gear Survive launch, the team released a launch trailer showing what the game has to offer. I guess we'll get a better idea of how they affect gameplay when the Metal Gear Survive update arrives.

Unlike a lot of titles in the market right now, Metal Gear Survive only has a standard edition available for purchase. Instead, it incorporates special survival-based elements with online multiplayer, co-op, and single-player modes.

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Beta testing is ahead of the game. If you didn't delete the game from your first beta experience, simply choose the appropriate launcher, log in, and enjoy the carnage. This time, by the way, you can play not only on consoles but also on PC through Steam.

During the open beta weekend, players will be able to try out three missions across two different maps and they can choose to play through them either solo or with up to four friends online with co-op.

Metal Gear Survive is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and will be available in Europe and other regions from 22nd February.