Iran Denies Military Buildup in Syria


Russia condemned Monday Iranian sentiments that Israel should be destroyed, but also sent a clear message to Israel that solving the Mideast's regional conflicts should not be viewed exclusively through the prism of conflict with Iran, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Russian Federation considers statements that Israel should be destroyed inadmissible, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Monday.

The statement comes amid Israeli and USA officials' concern over alleged Iranian presence in Syria, a claim that Tehran has repeatedly refuted.

According to Zarif, the issue of Syria's Afrin could only be solved by the legitimate Syrian government. "The terrorist group Daesh has suffered a great failure in Syria and Iraq", added Mohammad Javad Zarif.

After the Russian intervention, Israel expected them to take over from the Iranians, and established a communication channel with the Russian army to monitor the transition.

The use of proxies by the United States is risky for the region, the politician added.

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It was not the first time that Iranian officials have uttered such remarks.

Thousands of Syrians who live along the Israeli border are surviving thanks to Israeli aid, according to Tsurkov, who noted that "Syrians who return from medical treatment in Israel tell their friends and relatives about the high quality of the care and describe Israel as a handsome and highly advanced country".

Following the retaliatory fire, the Israeli side attacked 12 positions in Syria, including eight Syrian airplanes and three anti-aircraft batteries.

The United States has also planned to create 30,000-strong border forces on the Turkey-Syria frontier.

Lavrov added that developments in Syria depend, among other things, upon what the United States would do or not do in that country.

"It is a precondition for a better situation, which includes also Syria", Sajjadpour said at Valdai Discussion Club's Middle East Conference.