Twitter parts way with its unpopular Mac desktop app


In an effort to make its product more efficient across platforms, Twitter has chose to discontinue its Mac desktop app altogether.

On Friday, Twitter announced that it would abandon its lesser-loved Mac app, directing users to instead. For example, Twitter introduced its Moments feature in October 2015, but it didn't become available on the Mac app until May 2016.

Before Twitter made a decision to kill it, the app had an average user rating on the App Store of 1.7 out of 5.

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This describes an accurate approximation of most people's attitude toward the software, which has never been as robust as third-party clients like Tweetbot or even in-house services like Tweetdeck.

Users have 30 days, starting on February 16, before the app will no longer be supported, Twitter said. Others are now expressing concern that Twitter might shut down Tweetdeck, a far more popular multi-column client. For a normal company, ending a product that everyone feels pretty good about wouldn't be a likely potential outcome, but Twitter isn't exactly known for making choices in lockstep with the desires of its opinionated user base.