Tremors felt across the United Kingdom as magnitude 4.4 quake strikes


The effects were felt throughout Wales and there were many reports of minor damage to properties in the region.

Like Becky, a few wondered what on earth was happening and took to Twitter to share their experiences.

Swansea University in Wales was evacuated.

Tyler Mears, who lives 30 miles north of the quake's epicenter in Rhondda, South Wales, said when her house began to shake she initially thought of many causes, but it didn't occur to her that it could be an natural disaster.

Closer to the epicentre, James Leonard tweeted: "Wow was that an quake in Swansea my house just shook".

"I phoned my parents in Ogmore Vale and they got out on the doorstep and all the neighbours were out asking 'what's happening?'" It wasn't like you see on TV.

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The 21-year-old said: "We heard the noises before we felt the rumble, and then the house shook for a couple of seconds before it stopped".

The quake has been felt as far north as Manchester and Liverpool and as far east as Leicester and London.

"It was quite frightening and a number of people went out of their homes to investigate", he said.

This is the biggest natural disaster to hit the region in over 100 years.

"It lasted for a few seconds really, nothing more than that".