Windows 10 Ultimate Performance Mode Is Coming To Insiders


The company is adding a new power scheme to Windows 10 Pro for Workstations which will allow users to extract slightly more performance out of their machines.

Among other changes, the major change that the new Windows 10 Insider Preview builds is certainly the Ultimate Performance scheme that is initially exclusive to workstations.

Microsoft has noted in a blog post that presently the Ultimate Performance power scheme is not available on battery-powered systems, including notebooks and tablets. Sadly, this means that the Fast and Slow ring Insiders won't get anything exciting as the focus is being shifted to bug fixing rather than testing out new features.

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However, it is essential to note here that since the new policy reduces micro-latencies, it may adversely affect your hardware and make it more power hungry than what it was on the default balanced plan. Like build 17101 (Redstone 4), it contains design updates to its collection of emojis, improved Universal Windows App (UWP) permissions, and a whole bunch of fixed issues (more so for Redstone 4). Plus, Microsoft will now allow you to find an emoji by keyword in over 150 locales.

You'll be able to use the new power plan by going to Power Options under Hardware and Sound and selecting Ultimate Performance. Windows has developed key areas where performance and efficiency tradeoffs are made in the OS. The new Windows 10 Ultimate Performance mode is an addition to the changes that were already announced. In the recently released Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds something very interesting, especially for power users, has been noticed, it's called the "ultimate performance" mode. This is something that Microsoft plans to evaluate and fine tune over time.

Pre-release versions of apps including Paint 3D, Microsoft Photos, Windows Mixed Reality Viewer, and Windows Calculator will be available to try out. Do you think it will provide a boost to your workstation? This was one of the top feedback shared with us by our partners and users and we're delivering this in our next update.