'Charles in Charge' star accuses Scott Baio of child abuse


UPDATE at 2:10 p.m. PT: Hours after Alexander Polinsky spoke, Baio's rep told reporters that "Scott denies every single claim of inappropriate behavior". Alex Polinsky shared stories of sexual harassment along with verbal and physical abuse from Scott Baio while the two were on the set of Charles in Charge in the late 1980s.

Baio also told Eggert and Polinsky to go to the police with their allegations.

Baio once pulled his trousers down in front of other members of the cast and crew and mocked his genitals, Polinsky claims.

"Scott told me of his sexually conquests with young girls and co-stars of the show", he said.

Polinsky said his parents advised him to either stick it out or quit.

"After he (Polinsky) walked in on me and Scott being intimate on his lap, and he was thrown to the ground, this is when all the abuse began".

The attempts to contact Baio proved futile and Nicole Eggert joined in trying to reach out to Baio. She said adults on set were aware of what was happening, but believes they were silent for fear of losing their jobs.

"Charles in Charge" aired for five seasons.

In the series Baio played a college student who worked as a male nanny; Eggert and Polinsky appeared in the second half of the show's run, playing teen-aged siblings in Charles' care.

"Both Nicole and I deserved better", Polinsky said.

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Alexander Polinsky, who played Adam Powell, said he was harassed by Baio, who was then in his twenties, and "ultimately assaulted by him, between the ages of 12 and 15 years old".

However, the actor has not attended the press conference because of the illness of his young daughter.

The bullying began after Polinsky witnessed Eggert sitting on Baio's lap.

"I sat with you while you cried", Carl said on social media.

"It was hard for me to stand up for anyone else when I was trying to find my own truth", Eggert said. "If they wish to have a public conversation about their histories and movies, it will present a very different picture of why they are making these allegations", Baio's spokesperson told TMZ.

Bloom confirmed today that police had now taken a statement from Polinsky. Bloom said there is also an older law that would state that the time limit has expired. Mr. Baio repeatedly told me about gay sex acts that I would perform.

Overall, they call the entire incident a "media witch hunt" and "not a dog-and-pony show".

Bloom told reporters that Eggert filed a Los Angeles police report against Baio on February 6. A civil lawyer named Jennifer McGrath and a spokesman named Brian Glicklich.

The allegations "threaten everything that's important in my life", the statement said.

In fact, Bloom resigned as Weinstein's advisor in the wake of the sexual harassment scandal which engulfed him, conceding at the time her decision to represent him was a poor one. 2018 has inspired a lot of women and men to come forward against it.