Gmail Go is the lightweight Android email app you can't have


Over the past few weeks and even months, many Pixel users have been reporting the availability of over-the-air or OTA updates bringing the phone up to Android version 8.1.0, and Google has finally released an official list of the bug fixes, changes, and updates that users will notice in the latest build.

Gmail Go's file size is just at 9.51 MB and will take up around 25MB of space on your device, as opposed to the full app's 20.66MB download size and 47MB storage space needed. This makes the app lighter when installed, consuming around 25MB on compatible devices - contrary to the 47MB space consumed by its regular version.

Gmail Go now does not synch many days of emails like the regular Gmail apps. It uses less RAM and loads images on demand.

Android P will also integrate Google's digital assistant more tightly, improve battery life, and support new designs, like multiple screens (as seen on ZTE's Axon M phone) and foldable displays (which Samsung is rumoured to be developing for later this year). In simpler terms, Gmail Go is almost half the size of the regular Gmail app. The app is created to work on low end Android devices with low RAM based on Android 8.1 Operating System.

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Chat heads have since become a popular feature for messaging apps across the board (except for iMessage), and Google is now integrating them into Google Phone version 17, as reported today by 9to5Google.

With Gmail Go, you can receive email notifications just like the original Gmail app. The Gmail Go app comes with smart inbox feature, which basically segregates emails and shows the important emails first.

Looks-wise, it's similar to the earlier version of the regular Gmail app and has all the basic features like an inbox that prioritizes emails from contacts and separates social and promotional ones. It basically keeps you away from spam emails and in turn, your account stays safe and clutter free. Interestingly, via Gmail Go you can both read and respond both online & offline and also find messages quickly with a powerful search engine.