Behind "Black Panther": Director & Screenwriter Ryan Coogler, 31 Rises to Major Success


For those of us who have sometimes felt pummeled by the parade of previous Marvel movies, the sheer richness of Coogler's film is nearly disorienting. I try not to look at it as pressure but as opportunity.

If "Wonder Woman" proved filmgoers of all ages and genders would go see a female superhero flick, Marvel's "Black Panther" is poised to do the same with an African-American protagonist in a supersuit. You'll get to see more of Wakanda, Wakandan magic and a slight lead up to Infinity War. Today, Pursue News has put together an infographic for fans which breaks down the character's 52 years of (T'Challa) journey from the comics to finally making way to the big screen.

"This jacket, this kente cloth that I got from my grandparents, I'm going to wear that", Cami Thomas said. He's since had his hand replaced by a weapon using Wakandan technology and has teamed up with the mysterious Erik Killmonger (a genuinely terrifying and intriguing Michael B. Jordan), an American and former military assassin who seems to have his heart set on getting to Wakanda and settling some old score that is set up at the beginning of the film in a flashback sequence featuring Sterling K. Brown. All hail journalists such as WPIX 11's Ojinka Obiekwe, who wore handsome Topefnr African print and velvet headties several times this week.

"Every movie that we've done I've been in some physically uncomfortable situations whether it's being freezing cold out somewhere or taking a punch or being in some extreme situation".

Critics say diversity isn't to blame; more often it's the writing. He said he hopes the fascination with this film will be able to inspire younger audiences. When our emotions get bigger than dialogue, it's time to sing - you get it out, and then go back to dialogue. If there's anybody I want to go down a dark alley with in movies, it's Ryan Coogler. "Now we can tell all kinds of stories", Steward said.

Some of those students have already stated that they felt inspired seeing an all-Black cast and a fiercesome Black superhero.

"We have trends of conversations, there is an ebb and a flow, but the struggle for equality, the struggle for women to have an equal say in determining the future of a nation, has been a long time coming".

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While it is hard to draw a direct, causal line from watching a movie to an improved sense of self-worth or well-being, it is undeniable that Black Panther -with its almost all-Black cast, stylish use of hip-hop, lush costuming, and setting in the proudly uncolonized, technologically advanced nation of Wakanda -is giving many of us who have felt under-served by Hollywood a language with which to speak our aspirations. Box Office notes Twitter activity for Panther is in the ballpark of 2016's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which opened with $155 million that December. So I wanted each one of those three characters, they way that they fought to be different, and to be equally impressive. After the death of his father, T'Challa returns home and discovers a plot to remove him from power.

"Black Panther" is a long-awaited film.

"It's something that you have to know". The film reached the same milestone on Fandango where it topped "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" for having the most advance ticket sales ever for a superhero film.

There are the expected special effects set pieces and a very Bond-like trip to a South Korean casino. (To say that Gurira is missing Michonne's signature dreadlocks would be an understatement.) Meanwhile, Serkis, who has seemingly been busy in the gym beefing up, makes the most of a rare chance to do non-motion-capture work.

Leaving others to face troubles alone isn't a great thing to do, as our hero soon learns.

The second post-credits scene is the one worth staying for (because, of course, you'd have to sit through the entire credits roll). We're happy that people are feeling the film, but we also just want it to become normal. It's the closest thing to a standalone entry we've had since this franchise started, which is refreshing by itself.