Michigan State University's Faculty Senate Votes No Confidence in Board of Trustees


Members of Michigan State University's Faculty Senate held an emergency meeting Tuesday to hold a vote on the confidence in the university's board of trustees.

Some professors have criticized the selection of John Engler, a former governor of MI, as interim president there.

Just before the Faculty Senate Voted, the University announced that it will be hiring Jim Blanchard's Washington Law Firm to advise them on how MSU officials should respond to questions at congressional hearings. Simon resigned last month amid heavy criticism that she and the university did not properly handle the Nassar case while the disgraced doctor abused patients on campus, nor during the aftermath of his crimes since he was sacked in September 2016.

"I am not sure if the at-large members of the Steering Committee realize how insensitive and tone-deaf this motion makes us appear", Vickery said.

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Engler called the report "a sensationalized package of reporting", according to Murphy.

Ex-Gov. James Blanchard expresses what many thought when the Michigan State Board of Trustees in December offered then-President Anna Lou Simon a $150,000 a year raise during the Larry Nassar scandal. That has been a burden that must be lifted.

"We stand by our reporting", ESPN said in a statement Tuesday. "We'll see what goes from there when I get home and get a chance to read it all and get a chance to talk to him".

It shows the board was out of step with the realty of the situation and operating in a cocoon, he says, adding that the board should have met without Simon at times. The report, though not calling out the coaches by name, alleged that both programs had a culture of sexual assault, and that both were said to have mishandled cases of sexual assault.