Merkel Tries to Allay Conservative Fear of 'SPD Agenda' in New Coalition


The new agreement between the two parties has seen the CDU give the SPD three prestigious ministerial posts of finance, foreign affairs and labour.

If the Social Democrats' members do not vote to back the coalition deal and Germany is forced to hold a new election, Merkel said she does not rule out again seeking another term as chancellor.

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım wil meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Thursday at the Chancellery in Berlin as part of his visit to the European country to attend a security conference in Munich. We looked on the coalition agreement text, which provides directions on the new German coalition´s position on energy and carbon.

Schulz's other announcement Friday - that Andrea Nahles, the party's parliamentary leader, would take over as the Social Democrats' chairwoman - also gave rise to a chorus of concerns.

Contrary to Schulz, an outsider for many SPD members, Nahles is deeply entrenched in the party.

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Seeking to end the infighting, chairman Martin Schulz said Tuesday that he was resigning effective immediately.

If Nahles, a former leader of the JuSos youth wing with a talent for powerful and at times brash political oratory, is installed at the helm of the SPD in a caretaker role, five out of six party groups in the German parliament will have female leaders.

"I am one of those people who sticks to what they promise", Merkel said in a TV interview with broadcaster ZDF on Sunday, cited by Politico. As a result of the pact, the CDU will occupy the ministries of Economy and Energy, Education and Investigation; Agriculture and Food; Defense and Health.

That leaves open who from within the SPD may take up that post. Nahles, who was instrumental in winning support for coalition negotiations at a party convention last month, will be critical for SPD's efforts to win a ballot of more than 460,000 members, which wraps up in early March.

CDU politician Roland Koch, a former premier for the state of Hesse, also appealed to Merkel to pave the way for a new generation of conservative politicians, naming Spahn and the more liberal-leaning Schleswig-Holstein state premier Daniel Günther as candidates.