Kildee: Trump's call to gut Great Lakes funding "reckless"


Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican, said, "I've successfully helped lead the effort to restore full funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative after both Republican and Democratic administrations have proposed cuts to the program, and I will do so again this year". Well, it's time to stand up again.

As with last year's proposal, Trump seeks to essentially eliminate funding that would help clean up the Great Lakes, cutting funding from $300 million to just $30 million. But the proposal pushes the responsibility for water infrastructure improvements on cities and states.

It's the administration's second attempt to curtail federal spending on the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative - last year, the president's budget plan would have eliminated funding for the program entirely. The health and future of the Great Lakes, the largest collection of freshwater in the world, has never been more important and the GLRI targets long-term solutions for the Great Lakes ecosystem.

Our representatives in Washington need to take notice of the short-sighted and risky proposal to drastically cut EPA funding and take steps to ensure that it doesn't happen.

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The Trump budget now goes to Congress, which will adopt some of it, change most and form its own federal government funding package for fiscal 2019 that must pass the House and Senate before going back to Trump to sign into law. The money is used for projects like cleaning up pollution, protecting wildlife and rebuilding wetlands.

Ambs says, "The Trump Administration missed a major opportunity to help communities restore their water infrastructure". The Great Lakes are an invaluable resource to OH, and this initiative has been a successful public-private partnership that helps protect both our environment and our economy.

In a statement released today, Kildee calls the cuts reckless. Bill Huizenga, Michigan (R): "The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative plays a leading role in preserving and restoring the Great Lakes ecology while strengthening the Great Lakes economy".

"It's clear that when it comes to the Great Lakes our priorities are at odds with the administration", Upton said. "I will fight these draconian cuts in every way that I can".