How Apple Hopes to Eliminate Those Annoying iPhone Bugs


First up, iPhone X's favourite Animoji feature will be getting an upgrade, with the introduction of new characters and an improved navigation menu.

A former intern at Apple reportedly leaked a portion of source code for iOS, the proprietary iPhone operating system. Compare that with 79 percent as of last February and it's easy to see why Apple is ready to start taking bugs more seriously.

Independent reports from a few weeks ago said that Apple's software division has made a decision to focus on user experience in its next major software updates, rather than pushing out a ton of new features.

iOS 12 is still expected to include some new features, however, including Animoji in FaceTime, which will allow you to put a virtual poo over your face during video calls.

The iOS 12 is also said to include improvements to the Do Not Disturb feature, which reportedly will offer more options to automatically reject phone calls and silent notifications. According to a recent report from Axios, Apple will be focusing on reliability and performance in iOS 12 rather than new features.

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The Cupertino tech conglomerate, Apple, is doing wonders in the tech industry ever since it debuted with iPhone X with the new face ID feature. Apple then issues minor "point" updates over the course of the year to address bugs and introduce smaller changes.

Apart from this year's iOS 12 update, users will have to wait for iOS 13 in 2019 to expect significant updates for the iPad.

Apple will come up with its annual iOS upgrade this fall, and it would be nothing like what customers have been experiencing throughout the past decade or so.

Apple (aapl) is making a big change to the way it updates its software for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, by relaxing its development schedule. The next update to macOS is internally known as "Liberty" and will likely be macOS 10.14. Traditionally, Apple has released major iOS updates on an annual cycle. Every year the latest iOS update comes with new exciting features and design that kept the Apple faithfuls excited. Apple is also working to more deeply integrate into the iPhone's search view, redesign the interface used to import photos into an iPad on the go and make it possible for several people at once to play augmented reality games. One can not remember a time when Apple issued this many updates just to fix problems one after the other. A related enhancement would have also allowed users to let two screens from the same app run side-by-side.