GoFundMe created for 19-year-old Lizette Cuesta fatally stabbed by friends


The night of the killing, authorities say all three got into the auto together. A yellow rope was found at the scene near where Alameda County sheriff's investigators say the victim had been left at the side of the road.

On Tuesday, cops announced they'd arrested Daniel Gross, 19, and Melissa Leonardo, 25, for stabbing the teen and throwing her out of their auto onto the roadway. "She said she felt she was going to die".

She was airlifted to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley, where she was pronounced dead about two hours later.

That fighting spirit helped the teen use her final words to identify the suspects before she died at a hospital. The suspects, both from Modesto, were arrested on charges of murder and will be arraigned Wednesday afternoon. Ray Kelly, according to Los Angeles Times. "She was always a fighter, she was always courageous, strong, a leader".

Investigators said that Cuesta was stabbed repeatedly and thrown from a auto, according to the Washington Post. It's an exception to the legal rule forbidding hearsay in court testimony, and it can hold tremendous sway in a case.

"A dying declaration is a very compelling piece of evidence that's recognized in the court to be very credible and reliable information", Kelly said.

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"We were able to act on the information from our victim", Kelly said. "You are going to sit up and you are going to be alright, '" Loadholt said. "I mean, I know she passed away but when they did this to her they figured, you know, they got away with it. The last thing we believe she was able to do was to point us in the direction of the people who killed her".

"We were supposed to meet here because she was supposed to teach me how to skateboard", Cuesta's friend Lucy Uribe said.

"She was a local at this park, she would always be here", said her friend Christian. A neighbor in Modesto told ABC7 News that Leonardo is pregnant. "If she wanted that trick bad enough she would get it". "She showed that at the end".

He said the confrontation happened outside somewhere in Livermore after he and Cuesta had had sex in the back of Leonardo's vehicle as Leonardo drove.

A motive for the attack has not been revealed. Liz, as those close to her called her, was a novice at skateboarding but was determined to get better. "She brought peace to herself, and she brought peace to me and my family".