'Black Panther' Is Set To Make Some February Box Office History


This might be his origin story but there seems to be a fair chance that Black Panther will soon lead the Avengers in fighting Thanos and we have reason to believe the same.

Black Panther marks the first time the character - the first black superhero in mainstream American comics - has starred in his own solo movie since his creation 52 years ago. #WakandaForever and #BlackPantherLive also come with the Black Panther emoji.

He said the event is meant to be a male-targeted counterpart to a screening he helped organize past year of "Hidden Figures", a biographical film about a team of female African-American mathematicians who worked at NASA, which he said was meant to encourage women to pursue careers in the sciences.

Why does anyone still underestimate Marvel's unparalleled power at the box office? Iron Man is notorious for his stubborn and devil-may-care attitude but here also, Black Panther's humble approach will make him more likable by the rest of the team.

Chris Van Vliet: "This is a different Black Panther suit than we saw in 'Civil War.' What can this suit do that that one couldn't do?" It's worth noting that every MCU film that has surpassed the $400 million mark domestically has finished up earning over one billion dollars worldwide.

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And, with a name like "Killmonger", you know he's definitely not a good guy. But the scope of its success might actually make it the most successful movie ever released in the month of February. Especially in the global blockbuster market. Who knows, maybe Mr. and Mrs. Nakia will pop up in Black Panther 2. His most trusted weapon was also destroyed by Hela in the film so Thor needs all the weaponry he can get to fight against Thanos.

Organizers of free screenings for young black people across Canada to see the upcoming "Black Panther" superhero movie say they're elated that fundraising goals have been shattered.

Chadwick Boseman: "I can't answer that".

"It's a different process with Marvel because they've gotten to the point where their films are so popular that they've got to watch spoilers and have insane security", he added. It sure looks like it.