HTC smartphone business president leaves sinking ship ahead of U12 launch


Publicly, however, Chang's reason for resigning is listed as "personal career plan" on HTC's investor website.

In December 2013, Chang was appointed president of HTC's global sales before being made president of the Smartphone and Connected Devices Business in early 2017.

In the aftermath of that deal, HTC today announced that Chialin Chang is stepping down as President of the company's Smartphone and Connected Devices Business, effective immediately, with no one named as his replacement. HTC saw many executives depart and Chang was among the few veterans left.

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According to HTC, Chang joined the Taiwanese smartphone brand in April 2012 as chief financial officer after leaving the U.S-based investment bank Goldman Sachs. "We thank him for his dedication to the Company for the last 6 years and wish him well in his future endeavors".

After selling the smartphone ODM team to Google, HTC has said it will now focus more on developing branded smartphones and virtual reality (VR) products. However, it remains to be seen how active HTC will be in that sector, now that its talented mobile team is over at Google. The company is still expected to release a flagship smartphone this year, likely coming as the HTC U12, boasting a dual camera setup and high-end specs all around. And from the scenarios, it seems like the HTC U12 could be the last of its name, and the company might look forward to mid-range devices onwards.