Gowdy says House panel probing Rob Porter's security clearance


"The FBI's July report required significant additional investigatory field work before [the] personnel security office could begin to evaluate the information for adjudication". "And if they don't answer them, then they're going to need to give me a really good reason, and you'll learn that reason and you can judge whether or not it's a sufficient reason or not".

Ryan was asked Wednesday about whether the White House should condemn domestic violence, which President Donald Trump has refused to do in the wake of allegations against former staff secretary Rob Porter. Picture taken August 12, 2017.

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified on Tuesday that the bureau handed information about Porter's background to the White House earlier than Trump administration officials have admitted.

Porter, who had worked at the White House with a temporary security clearance, resigned after news media reports said he had physically abused two ex-wives.

The White House has repeatedly said no one in the West Wing was aware of the seriousness of the allegations against Porter until photos of one of his ex-wives sporting a black eye emerged last week.

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Gowdy received the support of House Speaker Paul Ryan, who said Tuesday morning that the White House "has work to do" to fix the vetting process and that the White House should "absolutely" condemn domestic violence.

He added that he was "troubled by nearly every aspect" of Porter's employment at the White House. 'The chronology is not favorable from the White House'.

Wray's testimony on Tuesday marked the latest development in a scandal that has called into question the judgment of senior members of the White House staff, put new stress on the administration's already strained credibility with the public, and drawn accusations of tone-deaf handling of abuse allegations. Again, I am biased towards the victims, ' the former federal prosecutor from SC told CNN's New Day.

Separately, Trump's intelligence chief called for top-to-bottom reform of the security clearance process, which allowed Porter to operate in his job for more than a year with only an interim clearance.

Conway went on to say that "there's no question" that domestic violence "knows no demographic or geographic bounds", and she understands there is a stigma that surrounds these issues.