Google Pixel sales still no match for iPhone, Galaxy S series


The Pixel phone series is a testament to that, the pinnacle of Google's ambitions to date. Apple shipped almost 14 million units in the company's first year, but that was ten years ago when there were fewer smartphones on the market.

According to a recent tweet from Francisco Jeronimo, research director at IDC, Google Pixel shipments doubled to 3.9 million units in 2017. This will surely be welcome news for Google as it continues to grow the Pixel brand. That means Apple needed 4.6 days to sell 3.9 million iPhones - mind you, these aren't iPhone X units, as Apple did not divulge the actual split for the period. In addition, there are 499 Apple Stores spread out in 22 countries, while Google relies on occasional pop-ups and its online Google Store, with no constant physical retail presence.

One thing that's clearly impacting sales is distribution.

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We're using Apple as an example not just because the two companies are frequent rivals, but also because Apple offers the closest product lineup to Google, with only a handful of high-end models.

Google managed to double the number of Pixel devices it shipped in 2017. That said, the company is quickly picking up ground with its Pixel lineup, with sales in the past year doubling.

This is the second time Google has acquired a smartphone manufacturer. Google's cheapest phone is last year's Pixel 1, which got a $100 price drop when the Pixel 2 came out and is technically for sale for $549 (although it's still sold out). There is a partnership this year with Verizon and more visible marketing, but it seems this hasn't translated into massive sales.