Modicare will cost govt Rs 1100-1200 per family every year


Taking a jibe on it, CM of Meghalaya thanked the Prime Minister for replicating Meghalaya Government health scheme. It had been announced by the NDA government in its 2016-17 Budget also.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced in the budget the National Health Protection Scheme.

The expenditure on the National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS), which seeks to provide health cover of Rs 5 lakh to 10 crore households, will be borne jointly by the Centre and the states, said Niti Aayog advisor Alok Kumar. The finance minister has clarified that though the details from on the new scheme are awaited from Centre, all beneficiaries under RSBY scheme would be included in the new National Scheme even if the State Government had to remit their entire insurance premium. Jaitley said his Government has chose to take health protection to a "more aspirational level" and observed that several State Governments have also implemented or supplemented health protection schemes with varying coverage plans. We have made all arrangements for it. There are many models which we are going to work out.

"For this year, we believe the allocated Rs 2,000 crore along with expected state contributions will be adequate", an official said.

Responding to questions on implemention of the scheme, Preeti Sudan, secretary, Union ministry of health and family welfare said that states were free to choose out of the two models - the insurance model in Rajasthan or the trust-based model as in Karnataka.

He said states are ready to implement the NHPS and financial arrangements will be made accordingly. The centre is yet to discuss the scheme with states, enroll hospitals and finalize health packages.

"It's a first step and the states with readymade schemes will benefit immediately because they can roll it out quickly".

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This scheme is being implemented through New India Assurance Company Ltd. Cardiology departments in all District General hospitals, emergency medicine departments in all district hospitals and trauma care centres in taluk hospitals will also be set up.

The enrollment fee for MHIS phase 3 is Rs. 50 Rupees and does not have any age limit.

The scheme will be paperless, cashless, and Aadhaar-linked, and there will be no cap on family size.

Under the Modi care, government will invite bids from insurance companies to cover these 10 crore families.

Senior citizens belonging to BPL and NREGA category would receive an additional insurance cover of Rs. 30,000. Sources in the know said certain aspects are yet to be worked out like whether serious and terminal illnesses like kidney ailments, cancer and tuberculosis will be covered under it.

The validity of an insurance policy is one year but it can be renewed by paying a nominal amount.

Who will benefit from the scheme? It's highly unlikely the poor will have to pay premiums since it's a promise to provide a cover of up to Rs 5 lakh per family for secondary and tertiary care hospitalisation.