LeBron James Reportedly Hasn't Discussed Joining Warriors


Chris Paul, Trevor Ariza and Clint Capela become free agents at the end of this season, which gives Houston about $28 million in cap space before they start adding players.

National Basketball Association superstar LeBron James could be lured to the negotiation table by reigning league champions Golden State Warriors with a max deal in the off-season, an ESPN report has claimed.

Creating a $35.3 million max slot for James would see the Warriors tear down their roster.

"It's nonsense and it's a non-story", James told reporters, via Business Inisder.

And since I don't think Bob Myers or ownership would consider doing that for a 33-year James; this move will have to remain a fun hypothetical. Most people don't really get amped until the playoffs show up, and I would argue interest has really only centered on the finals these past few years. I wanted to see you all face to face so I let you all know how honest I am instead of getting on Twitter or getting on Instagram, then you know how real this is right now.

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"If you don't hear something come from my voice, then it's not true". "If it's not from me, it's not true, so".

In order to facilitate the deal, the Warriors might have to do a sign-and-trade deal in which James signs with Cleveland and is simultaneously dealt to Golden State in exchange for a package of players whose combined salaries are near James's. It's no secret that James would have a greater chance of getting what he wants (a chance to continue his yearly runs to the Finals) in the Bay versus decisions with the Clippers or Lakers, too. Kerr said. "Do you want me to get my checkbook out and just make it out to Adam Silver or to the National Basketball Association?" "When he went to Miami, there was a sure thing". All that would be put at risk if James went to the Warriors.

Smith, LeBron and his camp had "absolutely, positively nothing to do with this story", and instead the report came from the Warriors, who are feeling out a potential move for James.

James in 2010 became a free agent for the first time. "But please, for the rest of this season, don't ask me about no other teams unless we're competing against or you wanna ask me about a highlight that happened the night before".