Trump demands documents from immigrants in 'sanctuary cities'


There is no formal definition of a so-called "sanctuary" city or county, though the Trump administration generally uses it to refer to local jurisdictions that do not fully comply with federal requests to aid enforcement of immigration law.

"An attack on one of our cities' mayors who is following the Constitution is an attack on all of us".

"I'm going to stand my ground".

Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks to the press in front of Trump Tower after his meeting with President-elect Donald Trump on November 16, 2016 in New York City.

"It is risky for a White House, for any White House, to threaten duly elected leaders who are following the law and following the United States Constitution with arrest is unconscionable", said Wheeler. "It doesn't make us safer and it violates America's core values".

"First of all, if Congress and the president would do their job and get comprehensive immigration reform done, the mayors would not be in the middle of this".

"I would challenge the DOJ to produce a report of the number of undocumented criminals they have been looking for that we have denied them access to", he said.

No cities in CT were among those contacted by the Justice Department. Since Trump took office, both men have focused on sanctuary cities, which generally refuse to hold people on immigration agents' behalf without a warrant from a judge, accusing such places of flouting the law and helping convicted criminals evade deportation.

"This proves there was no intention to have an honest dialogue", de Blasio said, holding the letter.

The Trump administration says it's a matter of maintaining public safety. Since then, California and New York City have doubled-down on their policies. That move led to the conference canceling the meeting with Trump.

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"Look, we would love to able to work with these mayors, particularly on issues like infrastructure", said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. "So perhaps the mailbox at DOJ should be checked".

"We have in the past responded to DOJ's requests for opinions and supporting documents to substantiate our position and will do so again as necessary".

Still, many mayors did attend.

At a news conference later in the afternoon, de Blasio spoke out about his decision. Kautz is a past president of the US Conference of Mayors.

Gov. Kate Brown defended the state's sanctuary laws and said she would uphold them.

Sessions has blamed "sanctuary city" policies for crime and gang violence, saying Wednesday, "we have seen too many examples of the threat to public safety represented by jurisdictions that actively thwart the federal government's immigration enforcement enough is enough".

That threat escalates the department's effort, as it could have the courts compelling jurisdictions to turn over documents that they didn't provide voluntarily.

The invitations were sent to the bipartisan group of mayors last Thursday, inviting them to participate in "Mayors' Day at the White House: A Conversation with President Trump" on Wednesday, January 24th. "What's the White House's view on this?"

A federal judge has already granted final approval to a settlement San Juan County is closing, which will award $2,000 - plus additional damages - to each of almost 200 people who were illegally detained at the county jail, said John C. Bienvenu, an attorney for the plaintiffs in the case.