Here's Hugh Jackman's Reaction To Logan's Oscar Nod


Looking at other films that have been nominated for more awards - "Dunkirk", "Baby Driver", and "The Shape of Water" being standout examples - it's clear that the Academy doesn't hate popular big budget action or horror movies in general. Assuming Netflix goes all-in on Mudbound promo, these frontrunners run the risk of canceling each other out on votes, splitting them towards a loss, and ultimately handing the win over to Scott Frank, James Mangold, Michael Grey for Logan. Still, if Logan does manage to secure the Oscar, it can't be said that it will have been undeserved. Logan doesn't need to distance itself from its comic book roots; rather it throws itself willingly into the arms of the comics. If you changed all of the characters into normal people, and reworked the mechanics just a smidge, this film would still work as a straight drama. Everybody involved had a clear passion to make the movie a success, and that, for me at least, is exactly why it's sitting in contention to take home an Oscar. Pixar's The Incredibles was nominated for Best Original Screenplay in 2005, but that animated film, while excellent, is a different breed of superhero story from the comics-inspired blockbusters that have dominated much of the cultural conversation for the past decade. We'd seen this before with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and now we see it again with Logan, as the story of a man who's trying to protect everything he stands for in a cruel, hard-scrabble world is only further enhanced when that man is Hugh Jackman's Wolverine.

As for Logan's chance of winning, the film has some steep competition, but Mangold isn't focusing on that. If Hollywood kept statistics for the most assists in nominations/wins. The film also manages to work as a functional western noir picture, something we also saw to great effect with this year's Wind River, etc.

In part, this is because Logan expanded the scope of what was possible with superhero movies.

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Logan is a film that, in an established comic universe mold, would have been a nonstop spectacle with minimal heart.

Marvel Studios' critically acclaimed "Logan" was just nominated for an Oscar - and that's a big deal for the film's genre. The only time that a comic book movie was able to receive recognition at the Oscars outside of the technical categories, was in 2009 when Heath Leader posthumously won Best Supporting Actor for his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight.