Mattis says Turkey gave USA discover about airstrikes in Syria


Turkey remains concerned because it believes the so-called YPG is plotting with the separatist Kurdistan Workers' party, or PKK, to undermine the Turkish government, perhaps violently.

A total of 58 suspects were arrested across Turkey on Monday for promoting the PYD/PKK terrorist group on their social media accounts, according to a security official.

Çavusoğlu capped his scathing criticism by saying France's decision to publicly speak out against Turkey's unilateral military incursion into Syria "would affect" the two North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies' bilateral relations.

Erdogan claimed all citizens were supportive of the ongoing aerial attacks and ground invasion of Afrin which the US-backed People's Protection Units (YPG) have kept secure since the beginning of the Syrian conflict six years ago. He said, "We must have Turkey's close cooperation in achieving a new future for Syria", without mentioning how the client-arming scheme in northern Syria is anathema to the Turks.

He warned that the Turkish attack on Kurdish troops would only benefit the remaining fragments of Isil and give them space to regroup. He also said the USA has a MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Turkey where they let the US know of operations in Syria and they have kept to that memorandum.

In the past, Washington has backed Syrian rebel groups but has since backed off from their support.

"We are determined, Afrin will be sorted out, we will take no step back", Mr. Erdogan said in a televised speech.

Turkey's military operation, dubbed "Olive Branch", has put the entire region on the brink of another crisis and outraged most of the Middle East.

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The French ambassador to the United Nations, Francois Delattre, asked for "the opportunity for an emergency meeting on the wider situation in Syria, the humanitarian situation in particular".

The sources of this information are non-U.S., hence they might be biased in a direction that is not every-day, customary, for most readers of this piece.

"They have proven their effectiveness", Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters Sunday en route to Southeast Asia.

"It does look like Erdogan is determined to go all the way".

But the operation is hugely sensitive as Washington relied on the YPG to oust Islamic State (IS) jihadists from their Syrian strongholds and the Kurdish militia now holds much of Syria's north.

The Syrian government, its ally Iran and Egypt have all condemned Turkey's offensive. No matter what, once Turkey succeeds in destroying terrorist safe havens in Afrin and prevents the emergence of new autonomous regions at its border, the global community will be able to impose new cease-fire zones.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has denied killing civilians, and accused the YPG of emanating "nonsense propaganda and baseless lies".

It's not clear exactly how this posture on Syria evolved and who had leading roles constructing it.