Trump's trouble in the polls: Approval rating 'lowest on record'


The result comes after a separate Gallup survey found that Trump reaches the first anniversary of his inauguration with the lowest average approval rating of any elected president in his first year. That is also his highest approval on this issue all year.

Fifty-eight percent said they disapprove of Trump's job in the Oval Office. The survey was released on Friday.

The last time the US approval rating was so low was in 2008, when USA leadership under former President George W. Bush clocked in at 34 percent amid the economic wreckage of the Great Recession.

For one, presidents can rarely take credit for exclusively being responsible for labor market impacts in their first year.

But as the Gallup report notes, research has shown that public opinion in foreign countries affects their policies toward the United States. Additionally, the poll indicates that 42 percent of Americans believe Trump is changing the nation for the worse and 36 percent believe he's changing it for the better.

But there's an important caveat for any Democrats popping champagne bottles at Trump's unpopularity. President Donald Trump has canceled some of the most significant partnerships and trade agreements in the world since he took office. "They said similar abt Reagan". "When there is a wave, the water does not distinguish between those who identified with an unpopular president and those who tried to put distance between themselves and that unpopular president", Sabato said via Skype. But since then, the gap has narrowed.

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Trump's unpopularity has been one of the factors cited for predictions that the Republicans could face a bloodbath in congressional elections this November. The company surveyed adults who both are, and are not, registered to vote.

In mid-December, the Democratic advantage on that question hit a remarkable 13 points in the RealClearPolitics average.

The tax victory also seems to be helping Trump galvanize the Republican Party behind him, even those who in the past have been cool to his leadership.

In short, Mr Trump squandered his honeymoon period and never seized the opportunity to do what all chief executives must do: build a governing majority.

The first lady has for the most part seen steady positivity for much of the past year, peaking in March at 52%, but holding in the mid-to-upper 40s for the past several months.