NFL Conference Championship picks: Jaguars stun Patriots, Vikings top Eagles


Jason: This might be a matchup between the NFL's luckiest and unluckiest teams. The discussions go on for days on end sometimes.

David: Two seasons ago, the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl behind their stellar defense.

From a St. Michael movie theater to a frozen St. Cloud lake, Minnesotans are gathering Sunday to revel in purple pride and, hopefully, a purple victory.

It's not hard to come up with a story line or two when your team advances to the NFC Championship Game.

"It's awesome, him playing that long and it's his first championship game, " said rookie linebacker Ben Gedeon.

Vogel will record the Eagles-Vikings game on his DVR at home, but he fears he'll hear in-game updates while he's on the plane.

Another week, another game with the Eagles being the underdog. Woodson was asked to name championship-caliber defenses, and came up with fewer than 10 - and the conference finalists were four of them. The Vikings. Obviously the Minneapolis Miracle proves that, but beyond that this team has been relentless when it comes to not allowing other teams to come back or coming back themselves when another team shows any signs of momentum. The Eagles clinched the No. 1 seed and home-field advantage because of Carson Wentz, the second-overall pick from North Dakota State in 2016. Of all these props in the Vikings/Eagles game, feel like you have a clue in this one. "Probably 24-14 Eagles", said Gulati.

You might think to yourself, "Well there it is!" New England lost that game, 33-30 as 9-point favorites, but to no fault of its offense. Sorry, my ears are still ringing from the decibel levels reached in U.S. Bank Stadium last Sunday evening.

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The current forecast for Sunday evening calls for temperatures at kickoff to be at 44 degrees.

The Eagles have hosted three playoff games where the temperature was 40 or more at kickoff: 1979, 2002, and once more in 2007. And yet they combined for the NFL's No. 3 passing game in Football Outsiders' DVOA efficiency metric, and that's how Minnesota became so much more than a defense and a running game while constrained by the same salary cap and draft structure as everyone else.

When you dig deeper into the numbers, the breakdown of how the points are distributed in all cold vs. warm games favors the warmer temperatures even more.

⦁ This price point is a significant increase from what Eagles fans are used to. That is how the stats break down for all playoff games, but since this is a NFC Championship game, let's see how the numbers break down for those games.

"It's one of those things where it could give you a false sense of hope as a young player if this is what you're in your very first year, " Newman said of the NFC championship. The game time temperature could be in the 40s, according to Anthony R. Wood of

Bettors can also make a wager on the highest scoring quarter in the game. He'll look to work the middle of the field, something he does so well.

Ahead of the Eagles Week 7 match-up against the Redskins, Berman looked back at two spectacular games by Eagles quarterbacks on Monday Night Football separated by decades - Randall Cunningham's October 10, 1988 performance against the Giants, and Michael Vick's six touchdown showcase against the Redskins on November 15, 2010.

Though the Super Bowl 52 app is not yet available for download, fans can sign up on the Super Bowl app website for a chance to win tickets to the big game, while also providing personal information that Amendolia said will assist with the league's quest to bring more "personalization" to the experience.