WhatsApp Business arrives, exclusive to Android for now


The idea behind WhatsApp Business, a free Android app for small businesses, is to make it easier for companies to establish a profile and to connect with customers, and for WhatsApp users to chat with businesses.

WhatsApp today officially announced the WhatsApp Business app for small businesses in select markets, including Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, U.K. and the U.S. The free-to-download Android app for small businesses is created to make it easier for companies to connect with customers and vice versa. The company states it intends to roll out to other countries in the coming weeks, and will eventually release a version for iPhones.

WhatsApp had already announced its plans to launch business App for its users.

The team behind the overwhelmingly popular WhatsApp messaging app revealed a year ago plans to launch business accounts, which will give users access to specific features.

The company added that, over time, some businesses will receive confirmed accounts once it has been corroborated that the business number matches the WhatsApp Business account number.

You can download WhatsApp Business via the Play Store. Having a social media presence is important for a lot of businesses these days, so WhatsApp has chose to facilitate them better by launching an app made specifically for them. The app is same as WhatsApp App but with a handful of specific features for business. Business accounts can also configure default, greeting messages for the sake of introductions as well as away messages to let customers know that they are busy.

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As of now the exclusive app for SMEs is available at Google Play Store.

The app is aimed at small business owners. It gives businesses the tools they need to reach out to potential customers more easily.

A new way for businesses to interact with their customers has been launched in the UK: WhatsApp Business.

This feature is rolling out for users around the world on the latest versions of iPhone, Android, Windows Phone as well as desktop. Users will also have the control to block and report businesses if they find anything inappropriate. So, people will know they are talking to a business. That is, just like the traditional WhatsApp application, you can only have WhatsApp for business installed on a smartphone and use it on only one computer through WhatsApp Web at a time.

"We see that customers and businesses are using it to help sell products".