Montreal man fools police with fake vehicle made of snow


Montreal artist Simon Laprise spent four hours sculpting a false vehicle in a snow removal zone.

A Canadian artist decided to make light of a cold situation in the country when he played a trick on snow removers and received the attention of police.

Via MTL Blog, photos of the work done by Simon Laprise, a machinist in the city, were posted to Reddit of a vehicle made entirely of snow seemingly "parked" on the illegal side of a residential street. Then came the moment of truth, when the officer realized the auto was made entirely of snow. He even added indentions for the wheels and windows - and then threw a spare windshield wiper he found lying around for a special touch.

"I did the auto to have fun expressing my creativity on that attractive day", he told the site.

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"You made our evening", the officer wrote in French on his ticket.

Viral images posted to Simon Laprise's Facebook page show what appear to be a full-size sculpture of a DeLorean.

The 33-year-old machinist and artist thought he could pull a fast one on the cops, and he was right.

When the snow removers arrived the next morning, they didn't seem fooled by Laprise's DeLorean snow sculpture, as it was completely destroyed as they cleared the street.