Life is Strange: Before the Storm Limited Editions coming in March


Each version of the game will have the bonus episode included as well as a costume pack for Chloe, a "Mixtape Mode" that lets you create your own playlist from the licensed soundtrack for the game and Episode One of the original Life is odd game (which is already free.). The episode in question will follow Chloe and Max before the events of the first season of Life is odd, with the characters' original voice actors, Ashly Burch and Hannah Telle, set to reprise their roles in the episode.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm will be available as a standard edition with pre-orders bagging a "Classic Chloe" Outfit DLC, or as a Square Enix Online Store exclusive Vinyl Edition that bundles the Deluxe Edition of the game featuring Mixtape Mode, an Outfit Pack and Bonus Episode "Farewell" alongside an artbook, vinyl box set and CD soundtrack in a special presentation box. Or at least there are in America - the cheaper standard edition isn't listed on Square Enix UK's website, but maybe that's just meant for other stores. Whether it'll contain any clues as to what Life Is Strange 2 is about is unclear.

Now that the complete season of Life is Strange: Before the Storm is out we know many of you have been wondering about when the bonus episode "Farewell" will be released. Players also receive three new outfits for Chloe (including the Hawt Dawg Man t-shirt) and the first episode of the first season of Life is odd.

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The Limited Edition comes bundled with an artbook and soundtrack CD for $39.99/€39.99/£34.99. "Farewell" will also be launching digitally across all territories on March 6th for players who already own the digital season pass.

For those in the United Kingdom, there is also a Limited Edition, which apparently is not available in the USA, and this version includes an artbook and CD soundtrack, along with some digital extras from the season pass for the game.