Wisconsin Upset Raises Hopes for Democrats in 2018 Races


In the special election to fill the open 10th Senate District seat, Democrat Patty Schachtner has emerged the victor after capturing 55 percent of the vote. For the last 17 years, the seat was held by Republican state Senator Sheila Harsdorf, who stepped down in November to serve as Governor Scott Walker's agriculture secretary. We're nicer than that.' " Ms Schachtner avoided mentioning voters" disillusion with Donald Trump's erratic government as another reason for her win.

On the other side of the equation, reported WSJ, the Greater Wisconsin Political Expenditure Fund - which backs Democrats - spent $30,000 for online advertising in support of Schachtner and opposing Jarchow. "People came out and voted for change and I think that's really important".

She said she will continue on in her role as medical examiner, but likely with a more administrative focus and less emphasis on death investigations. "Right now, when you look at issues out there on a national scale, Democratic values are Wisconsin values", state Democratic Party spokeswoman Melanie Conklin said.

The race has been considered a litmus test throughout the state - and beyond - to gauge whether the special elections success experienced by Democrats elsewhere in the country would find its way to Wisconsin. In November, Democrats in Virginia triumphed in gubernatorial and legislative elections that many pundits viewed as a swing-state referendum on the Trump presidency.

And Democrats remain a minority of 14 against 18 in the Wisconsin state senate (with one Republican-leaning district vacant) and an even smaller minority in the state house.

Democrats Score Special Election Victory In Wisconsin GOP Stronghold
Democrats Pick Up Wisconsin State Senate Seat in District Trump Won by 17 Points

Kelda Roys, a former state representative who's seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Walker, said Schachtner's win "shows that people want something different". "That happens to people all the time", Schachtner says.

"Voters are flat-out rejecting the Trump-GOP agenda that gives another giant tax cut to the top 1% and wealthy corporations, and they know that the Democratic Party is fighting for working families like theirs", the statement says.

Walker, who faces a challenge from at least 16 Democrats in his 2018 re-election bid, used the term "wake-up call" in nine tweets after Schachtner's victory was confirmed.

Walker responded by firing off a series of tweets that called the election a "WAKE UP CALL" and asked his followers to help him "spread the good news" about positive statewide educational and economic numbers.

Some democrats say it's a sign of the future.

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