Overwatch's theme park map, Blizzard World, will roll out next week


In anticipation of their release, the Overwatch Twitter accounts will continue to reveal some of what's in store, having also shown off some new sprays the previous day. Alongside the new venue, some funky new skins, sprays and other cosmetic junk is also coming to the online arena-shooter.

Over 100 new cosmetic items will be coming to Overwatch on January 23, Blizzard Entertainment announced in a blog post. Today's item is here and man is it cool. The good news is that if you can't wait to play it, Blizzard has finally announced a release date for it. The team has a brief preview of the Pharah Legendary skin that has a decidedly Egyptian look to it. It is available in the PTR for PC gamers for a while now as they were supposed to beta test various aspects of the map before it finds its way to the official build.

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The new cosmetic update, however, will allow Blizzard to include some of the more miscellaneous designs that may not fit with the theme of any such events.

We're still waiting for the patch notes to confirm all the changes in the new update which may include Hero tweaks. In the video, fans spotted four heroes sporting skins that don't exist-yet. It looks like Blizzard are already teasing some new skins, too.