Gov. Cuomo Unveils 2018 Budget Proposal, Calls for Major Change Against Washington


Creating a new pre-licensing course for people to get a driver's license and then charging them $8 apiece in order to raise almost $1 million for the state.

The agenda includes a number of proposals - from fighting the federal tax assault to ending the opioid epidemic by holding pharmaceutical companies accountable to investing record amounts in education.

That exodus, and the reasons behind it, should have been the focus of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's 2018 budget message. "We will restore citizen confidence and ensure management competence".

I agree, Governor Cuomo: New Yorkers are compassionate; homelessness is wrong; and it is the government's job to meet the needs of all New Yorkers.

In his director's message in the FY 2019 Budget Briefing Book, State Budget Director Robert Mujica, Jr., warned that NY is facing an "unprecedented attack by the Federal government". Right now, we have no idea where the money is going.

"With the state facing a possible $4 billion deficit this year, I believe we should be aware of how much we are spending and instead focusing on reducing costs for taxpayers", he said in a news release.

"Through this budget, we are fighting back", Mujica stated in his message. There is no doubt that NY state faces many challenges ahead.

"It's worrisome", Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D) said.

If budgets are statements of values, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo clearly values the fight he is waging against a federal tax bill he views as both onerous and directed at states like NY. But there's contention on the state and federal level.

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Cuomo, a Democrat and a potential 2020 presidential candidate, has said he's considering replacing a portion of the state's income tax with a payroll tax, which could include new taxes on employers.

On Tuesday, the governor's anger at Mr. Trump and Republicans in Washington animated what is normally a dry presentation; it also gave him a political boogeyman to blame for budget woes - which should be useful in a year where he faces re-election. It's just too big a deficit and the choice of cutting education or cutting health care, I don't think is a place anyone wants to go to this year.

As for public colleges, the budget is insufficient as proposed by Cuomo, argued the leader of the SUNY faculty union, Fred Kowal. He added that he will review the budget and listen to his constituents on how it may impact them. This would be money taken from financial settlements and the accelerated transfer of funds from a tiny payroll tax paid in the 12-county M.T.A. service area.

Tedisco added that "This budget proposal is trying to treat the symptoms of a larger disease with the same bad medicine that exacerbated it and caused the loss of 190,000 people in out-migration population loss a year ago". "Fine. We'll restructure the tax code". He offered the example of eliminating the $420 million taxpayer-funded giveaway to the Hollywood movie and television studios that "parachute into NY and create very few permanent jobs".

Cuomo also plans on continuing with the Regional Economic Development Councils and URIs.

Gallivan pledged to advocate for fair and equitable distribution of state aid to school districts to make sure "all students have access to a quality education no matter what school they attend".

The federal tax cut plan championed by President Trump tends to punish high tax states like NY.

He reminded legislators of what the state has accomplished in the seven years since he has been in office, such as capping property taxes at 2 percent and limiting spending increases each year to 2 percent.