Brigitte Bardot calls harassment accusers 'hypocritical nobodies'


French film icon Brigitte Bardot called the #MeToo movement "hypocritical and ridiculous" in a new interview with the French magazine Paris Match.

"In the vast majority of cases they are being hypocritical, ridiculous, uninteresting", the 83-year-old said. Then later they say they were harassed.

"I was never the victim of sexual harassment", she said, according to The Sun.

"Describing her own experiences as a long-serving figure in the entertainment industry, Brigitte suggested she "found it charming" when a producer would comment on her appearance or, as she put it, "[tell me] that I was lovely or I had a nice little backside". She added that actresses campaigning against sexual harassment in the entertainment industry are "of no interest".

It also inferred that women fondled on public transport should just get over it.

Bardot, who ended her film career in 1973 so she could dedicate herself to her animal rights charity, has a long history of provoking feminists.

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After the op-ed encountered intense criticism in the French press and on social media, Deneuve, who is known as a women's advocate, apologized to victims of "odious" acts of sexual abuse.

"I was quite charmed when they told me I was attractive or that I had a nice little ass", the magazine quoted her as saying.

Her views echo those made by Catherine Deneuve.

Bardot says her fourth husband, Bernard d'Ormale, "accepts three or four animals sleeping on our big bed".

Now, it looks like Bardot is following her example and slamming the movement. In the past, she has been fined for provoking discrimination and racial hatred against the Muslim community in France. Bardot has also been criticised for her support for French far-right party National Front.