Saints fans welcome back players, show love to Marcus Williams


A play of any kind that did not get out of bounds would nearly certainly end the game, since the Vikings would not be able to stop the clock in time to try a game-winning field goal. That left safety Marcus Williams dropping back deep to do his best against the speedy Diggs.

She's witnessed the first walk-off playoff touchdown ever and it's only fitting she becomes apart of history if the Vikings can win just one more game. Unlike Foles (who hardly played this season) and Bortles (not very good), Keenum had a breakout year, which is amusing to say about someone who is 29 and into his fifth season.

Mike Zimmer went from leading a "Skol" chant in his news conference following the Minnesota Vikings' thrilling win over the New Orleans Saints to describing the laundry list of things he didn't like from Minnesota's performance less than 24 hours later.

The Vikings (14-3) were out of timeouts and almost out of options when Keenum dropped back with 10 seconds to go from his 39 and threw high into a crowd. Keenum was even praised by Carson Wentz, the injured starting quarterback of the team the Vikings will play in the NFC Championship game next Sunday - the Philadelphia Eagles. When I got home, I happened to turn the TV on, you see all of the fans at the Wild game going insane, and somebody told me (also) at the (Timberwolves) game.

"I actually didn't see the extra point because I was in my office in the locker room", Zimmer said Monday. Another team hung around, kept chipping away, and eventually took the lead. When asked to assess Bradford's progress, Zimmer said, "It's kind of hard to judge with five practices". "At that moment, I thought it was dirty, but as I looked at it on film, it wasn't dirty at all". "That's when I heard the oh my god oh my god", says Jamie Johnke.

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"It's about time" was echoed by several players after the game.

Adam Thielen, the Vikings' leading receiver, remembered more.

With every yard, Diggs shucked a piece of purple pessimism that has metastasized here since Pearson caught the first official Hail Mary pass to beat the Vikings, 17-14, on December 29, 1975, in the NFC divisional playoffs. Coach Sean Payton, calling the play "a timing decision", deflected some of the blame from Williams, saying, "He'd like to have that back, but he's been a good player for us all year". "We don't get stuff like that".

They'll have to face a defense just as strong if not stronger than the Saints. "Obviously a disappointing game to lose in the fashion that we did".

Just another playoff Sunday in a world where it's not so much who wins, but which team covers the spread.