Amazon accepts reservations for Echo Spot voice assistant in Germany


This is a new-ish addition to Alexa in the United Kingdom that's been in the U.S. for some time now.

What sets the $130 Echo Spot apart from its Amazon counterparts is its circular touchscreen, which can display a clock, videos, lists, and more information on demand.

Amazon's Jorrit Van der Meulen said: "Echo Spot combines the popular small design of Echo Dot, the display of Echo Show, and the features you love about Alexa into a stylish and compact device".

Once you're awake, you can use the Spot to get your daily briefing and it will also show off video.

As with other devices, it uses Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) to make sure it connects to the right device using second generation far-field microphones (four of them, since you asked).

With a flattened bottom, which is where the speaker openings sit, the Echo Spot is very much like the 2009 Chumby.

Plus, with the multi-room music feature, you can play your favourite tracks throughout your home, with synchronised music across all of your Echo devices.

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The Echo Spot, which will cost £199.99, will carry similar functionality, with a series of clock faces available hinting at the device's premier use case - as an Alexa powered alarm clock for your bedside table or elsewhere in the home. In my opinion- no.

Once you have found an Alexa Skill you'd like to try for yourself, all you need to do is enable it.

The screen itself has three levels of zoom, switching between showing the entire footage, to a slightly cropped version where the corners are cut off, to full screen where you only see the central content in shot. The company will start the shipping of the Echo Spot to European customers from January 24. If not, then it will revert to a voice call. Amazon hasn't revealed the specs for the Echo Spot's camera, but we've reached out for confirmation. Or, if you prefer, a radio station. It's softer form makes it nicer to look at than the Echo Show, but it's important to recognise the difference between these two devices.

Like the Echo Dot there's an integrated speaker and we were surprised with how good it sounds.

The new Echo Spot can do everything the Echo Show can, with varying degrees of success.

First published on 28 September 2017.