Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Getting A Lifetime Movie


The resort is popular with the royals and Prince Andrew has made his £13million Chalet Helora holiday home available for Harry and his pals.

According to the Star, royal protection officers have already been spotted in Harry's favorite Swiss bar, La Vache in Verbier. "They are clearly on a recce", the insider shared."Quite a few of the staff recognised the Royal Protection Officers who skied with Harry in 2016".

We bet Prince William will have a few surprises planned for his little brother.

La Vache is owned by England rugby World Cup victor Lawrence Dallagio, singer James Blunt and superbike champ Carl Fogarty, along with Harry's close pal, restaurateur Rob Sawyer. As explained by etiquette expert Grant Harold in an interview with BBC, the tiara has even more historical significance than simply proving royal affiliation: Through its doubling as a signifier of betrothal, it shows-in British culture-that one is off the market and not looking for a husband.

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He will reportedly also host a joint male and female party at a polo match before his wedding to Markle, friends have said.

With the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now just months away, it stands to reason we might catch a glimpse of the American actress sporting a tiara during a formal event or two in the coming weeks.

Insiders believe that will take place back in the United Kingdom at Harry's favourite polo club.

Yes, the will-they-won't-they relationship between an unemployed soldier who comes from a rich family and a TV actress is just the kind of stuff you'd expect from a TV channel that brought you the likes of Boyfriend Killer, She's Too Young, and She Woke Up Pregnant.