Google Arts & Culture matches your face with works of art


As often happens with these fleeting internet moments, the Google Arts and Culture app seemed to come from nowhere and is now everywhere. Oh what price vanity, etc etc... Google sifts through the thousands of paintings in its database and using its computer vision software makes a match alongside a percentage of how well the two images resemble each other.

The amusing feature has made this app popular very quickly it's now the top free app on both the Android and iOS charts.

"When you take a photo with this feature, your photo is sent to Google to find artworks that look like you", a message reads.

If you had told us last week that Google would find a way to get people interested in fine art en masse, we would've laughed in your face. Google wouldn't comment on when the app will begin showing up in those states and internationally.

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This technology scans thousands of images in their Google art collection from across 70 countries worldwide - even Yale's Museums right here in CT - and offers a match percentage for the piece of art that best matches. Once it's downloaded, you scroll down to the part that says "Is your portrait in a museum?" and upload a picture. Then, press "Get Started" and use the camera in the app to snap a selfie.

Apart from circumventing the regional lock using the new Portrait matching feature is quite easy.

The Google Arts app is available everywhere in the USA except for IL and Texas. Usually at least one is incredibly unflattering, probably one or two is someone of the incorrect gender, but one will be ideal for sharing to social media. Reviews of the app on the Google App Store demonstrate that the app isn't even available in some U.S. states and seemingly not in Canada.