Airbus wins sales race with Boeing for 5th straight year


Airbus, the European plane manufacturer, will stop making its A380 superjumbo if it fails to strike a long-term deal with Emirates, the largest operator of the aircraft, which would guarantee a steady order over a decade.

Emirates was widely expected to place an order for 50 of the world's biggest passenger airliner at the Dubai Air Show previous year but this failed to come.

But air traffic has gravitated to smaller, regional airports, favouring Boeing and its 787 Dreamliner, a midsize, wide-bodied plane that can carry a maximum of 330 passengers.

Airbus booked contracts for 1,109 airliners, or 52 percent more than in 2016, the Toulouse, France-based company said in a statement Monday, extending the margin over Boeing to 197 aircraft as its rival secured 912 net orders.

Airbus said A320ceo's list price has risen by 2.02% to US$101 million in 2018, from US$99 million past year, while A320neo's list price has increased by 2.03% to US$110.6 million, from US$108.4 million.

The Gulf airline was "probably the only one who has the ability right now in the marketplace to take a minimum of six [A380s] a year for a period of eight to ten years", Leahy said, as the company revealed its aircraft order and delivery figures for 2017. In fact, orders for two planes were canceled.

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Airbus also admitted on Monday that the future of its A380 super jumbo program is highly uncertain.

Because most of the program's cost are in the past, Airbus can produce as few as six of the planes a year with "reasonable efficiency", commercial aircraft chief Fabrice Bregier said, adding that a formal decision to drop to that level hasn't yet been made.

Leahy, the Airbus chief operating officer, said on Monday that the A380's best days were ahead. "If people want to fly, they need to fly in bigger aircraft", he insists. "This is an aeroplane whose time will come".

There have only been a total of 317 orders for the A380 since its launch in 2007.

For the moment, he said, the only likely customer for those planes is Emirates.