Bill Murray Stars as Steve Bannon on 'SNL' Cold Open


"Saturday Night Live" was all over President Donald Trump calling some third world countries a "sh*thole" in a cold open centered around a parody of MSNBC's "Morning Joe", but comedian Bill Murray stole the show with a surprise portrayal of former Trump aide Steve Bannon.

But the sketch's raison d'être came when Armisen arrived, looking all too Wolffish and spilling details left out of Fire and Fury, like the Oval Office baby races, with Trump betting a thousand bucks on the black one.

Bill Murray's Steve Bannon then showed up to talk about the book. He went on to share that he's "working on a web series for Crackle" and coming out with a line of barn jackets and a skin care line for the spring.

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When asked if everything in his book was true, Armisen's Wolff responded, "You read it, right?" In addition to asking everyone to essentially turn a blind eye to any factual inconsistencies that might be discovered in the pages, he also revealed that one unreported item of juice is Trump's fascination with baby racing. which is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds. You had fun? What's the problem. "The Bannon dynasty is dawning", he claimed. "Even the stuff that's not true was true". "It's time for America to slide down the bannister".

At that point, McKinnon and Moffat welcomed Leslie Jones playing Oprah to discuss her 2020 plans. Wolff wrote in a column for The Hollywood Reporter: "The nature of the comedy, it was soon clear, was that here was a group of ambitious men and women who had reached the pinnacle of power, a high-ranking White House appointment - with the punchline that Donald Trump was president". While Armisen isn't making as many headlines as Murray for his return to the series, both men have something to celebrate as their SNL cold open is now the top viewed sketch from last night on YouTube.

"SNL" returns with a new episode next Saturday, Jan. 20 with host Jessica Chastain and musical guest Troye Sivan.