USA to suggest intercepting North Korea ships to allies at Vancouver meeting


"China has the same policy goal, in terms of ensuring that North Korea does not become a nuclear weapon state and acquire the means to deliver a nuclear warhead".

Mr. Tillerson is slated to co-host with Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.

"Frankly speaking, we can not regard this idea other than the relapse of the Cold War mindset, especially inappropriate against the backdrop of the recent signs of a movement towards a dialogue between the North and South of the Korean Peninsula", Zakharova told during a briefing.

On the United States' willingness to engage in dialogue with North Korea, he said that there was some sign of positive interaction between North Korea and the South Korean peninsula which was receiving the great attention of the global community. Asked whether this meant China had been invited, with the blessing of the US, he said "yes".

It will bring together representatives from countries that sent troops as part of a US-led United Nations command during the Korean War. But there was a desire on the Canadian side to invite the Chinese to Vancouver for side meetings.

A different official, asking not to have the information attributed to them, said that "we did not expect China to attend this meeting".

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Kang stressed the position of South Korea that her country will push simultaneously for improved inter-Korean ties and the peaceful resolution of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula.

Lu said countries should work to defuse tensions and promote dialogue, rather than isolating Pyongyang.

"We've been very pleased that China has certainly given much fuller implementation", Brian Hook, director of policy planning for U.S. secretary of state Rex Tillerson, told reporters in Washington on Thursday.

"We believe that only in this format, at the negotiating table, in a calm and normal atmosphere this very complex problem can and should be solved", Zakharova said, ruling out any possibility of a military option.

The U.S. recently sanctioned several companies and individuals in China, following years of complaints about money-laundering and illicit trade with North Korea.

But academic George Lopez said the potential for the summit should not be underestimated as it brings together key players such as the United States, South Korea and Japan for the first time since the crisis has escalated.