Samsung's new 146-inch TV called 'The Wall' can change sizes


This TV's screen's resolution is a huge size of 7680 x 4320, which means there are 33 million pixels in it- four times that of Ultra HD (4K), which is itself four times the resolution of regular old HD.

At achieving this latter PR stunt, The Wall succeeds wonderfully.

So what exactly are these other technologies? The Wall is possibly the first large television from this or any brand to, supposedly, come equipped with a technology called modular Micro LED, in which LEDs on the display can be lit up individually with colors appearing more vibrant than ever before and with flawless infinite contrast due to a complete lack of backlight technology.

"Micro " LED is kind of a misleading name, because this new TV technology from Samsung can create truly very big screens.

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Because each LED can turn on or off individually, MicroLED has the potential for infinite contrast, just like OLED TVs. But whether or not micro LED TVs could contend for a spot in your living room over OLED TVs remain to be seen. The Wall can achieve a searing 2,000-nit brightness, higher than any LED LCD we've tested, and the combination should produce breathtaking pop, especially for HDR sources. Perhaps MicroLED can get brighter; Samsung hasn't specified yet. Even today's best OLED 4K TVs can't reach even half of that so far. The name of the TV itself, however, is entirely appropriate: The Wall.

Samsung is mulling hard the development of QLED TVs (to compete with LG's AMOLED TVs), with plans to launch commercially a 8K QLED TV later this year.

The 146-inch TV and created to take up an entire wall with the latest technology making a flawless picture on the huge screen.

Few details exist about The Wall, including its price, the price of modules, or availability, but Samsung says it'll release more details in March.