New Sony AF8 4K OLED TVs Announced At CES


Back at CES 2016, LG showed off a rollable OLED display for the first time, but it was a mere 18-inches, not the impressive 65-inch consumer-ready television it now has at CES 2018. This is not all, however, as it plans to add another interesting product to the mix.

LG Display also debuted an 88-inch 8K television with an OLED display. Fast-forward to this week, LG has come back with its next attempt - only bigger and better than before. LG will show off an 88in 8k OLED TV and a 65in 4k OLED TV that can be rolled up like...

The oven is also able to share information about the dish it just cooked with the company's connected QuadWash dishwasher, which then selects the most appropriate wash cycle to rinse the dishes properly. As well as making use of LG's own AI technology, ThinQ leans on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. LG Display wasn't exactly keen on people pawing at its screen, but it genuinely felt like I could reach out and touch the images being flashed in front of my eyes.

But an easy-to-store display could appeal to consumers and businesses who want a ginormous television but don't have enough space.

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Sony has announced its latest 4K OLED TV range at this years CES, the Sony AF8.

"LG Display is all about innovative products that provide new value to customers", Sang-Beom Han, Vice-Chairman and CEO of LG Display, said in a statement. The company intends to reveal the OLED Display at the CES in Las Vegas Convention Center's North Hall. The tablet can be used to control other smart appliances. 8K OLED displays are also slimmer as they do not require backlight units like LCDs that inevitably make the panels look thick and heavy.

Last year, the firm successfully developed a 77-inch transparent OLED display.

No pricing or availability is available now for the new TVs, which also benefit from a software and image processing overhaul to display colours more accurately and "enhanced image rendering". Under the hood, the high-end TVs are powered by LG's fastest Alpha 9 that LG says can more accurate color and "enhanced image rendering".